Thursday, April 24, 2008

Finca Solano Organic Tempranillo $ 5.99 ***

Spring is here and I brought home some lilacs - their scent fills the apartment and makes me very happy. Which put me in the mood to grab a bottle of wine and cook supper.

This is the type of wine, that you open while cooking, you cook, drink, listen to music (JWH) and have a nice Thursday evening.

As I poured my first glass, I realized that I like Spanish wines. This one is a light fruity read. Not too over powering. No tannin. We'll see how it stands up to dinner.

Menu: Bow Tie Pasta with Sausage & Broccoli in a reduced onion sauce.

The wine held up against dinner. Tasted great, and as the evening wore on, the wine opened up and the depth of flavor is more developed - less juice like, more complex. I'm going to buy another bottle and keep it around.

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  1. I keep drinking my way through TJ's Spanish offerings as well and usuaully end up disappointed. The best I have had is the Abrazo del Toro but even that was slightly spotty. I've had much better luck with the whites though. I subscribed to your feed so hope you find a good one soon. I am on the lookout as well if you want to do likewise...

    I also thought you might enjoy my Top 10 list of wines from Trader Joe's. Not sure how the selection differs from CA to NY but hopefully you can find some of them. Look for the April list soon!