Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blackstone Merlot $6.99 ***

Merlot. Fruity. Not bad. A little acidic. I poured myself a glass as I was making Pat Monahan's Turkey Chili Recipe. I'll be using the Merlot in the chili. That is my Saturday night, cooking and sipping on a glass of wine. The chili is for Sunday, and I'll save the balance of the wine for then.

I may also use this merlot for a coq au vin for Monday night. (I did) The chili was a hit - but the meal ended up being for beer drinkers, so after I cleaned up on Sunday night, I started the coq au vin.

It is now Monday night and the house smells amazing. The chicken is bubbling away in it's merlot/mushroom/carrot/potato bath, and I expect that there'll be some amazing leftovers tomorrow!

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