Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ponti Dry Vermouth **** $3.99

This is my go to cooking wine. Thank you to Julia Child cooking goddess - I keep a bottle of Ponti on top of my fridge right next to the kalamata olive oil (TJ's $6.99), it is shelf stable and goes with everything that calls for white wine in cooking. I use a bottle every two months or so. (and no, purists don't give me crap about the top of the fridge being too hot for wine & oils - my kitchen is cold and I cook a lot - so this is not an issue!)

Ponti is great for Saturday am eggs - sautée some onions and spinach in a little olive oil & butter (maybe add a little tarragon if you are daring) then pour in a little Ponti and reduce. Scramble some eggs, add the mixture then omelet yourself up!

There is even a chorizo option for the man in your life (smile)

I could go on and on about cooking with vermouth - but I seem to be hung up on Sat am breakfast...

Either way at $3.99 what a deal!

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  1. I, too, love Ponti Dry Vermouth. Our wonderful T.J.'s no longer carries. Do you have a retailer? Thanks, Linsa