Saturday, January 5, 2008

Goats do Roam Rose 2007 *** $5.99

I liked the GDR Red so much that decided to try the Rose. Here's the menu - Curried Chicken served with broccoli al la romana and pine nut cous cous. I know, I know a rose served with curry, garlic & cous cous - well - we'll see.

The way I see it, life is an experiment. Could be a colossal failure (ahem corn pancakes, hangs head in shame) or it could be interesting - either way, I have a kick ass dessert so all will end up good. Individual pound cake rounds layered with ice cream & strawberries topped with a chocolate sauce (if you were wondering)

Verdict - wonderful. The idea is to unscrew the cap and pour a glass before the food is served. 39 mins later and you have a nice buzz from a wine that isn't a red and isn't a white but encompasses aspects of both - crispness of a white and spices of a red. hmm rose... hmmm well if it were a boy I might go out on another date with it - but since it is a wine, I'll file it away and move on... it is not relationship material.

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