Monday, December 24, 2007

J.W.Morris Riesling ** $3.99

California - 2006

I tried it chilled with a toasted ham & cheese sandwich.

This wine has a bite to it. With a crisp taste of alcohol. First glass didn't go down so easy - second glass - easier.

Ok, so I looked Riesling up on wikipedia and it is recommended that the wine be aged - it would take the acidic edge off. Maybe I'll buy another bottle and throw it in the wine rack and test the theory....

I decided that the balance of the bottle was not going to be drinking wine.. so, I cooked with it. I used it in a duxelle. (added a light tanginess) I used it to sauce some mushrooms reduced in butter, Tarragon & olive oil to be used in an upscale white trash green bean casserole - and in its final incarnation, I'll use it in a risotto later this week.

All in all - as a drinking wine it left a sharp taste in my mouth. As a cooking wine it is perfectly acceptable.


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